Founder of Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Crosswind Pharmacy, Northwind Electronics, and Cross Stone Creative. Blogger on leadership, adversity, personal growth, and the journey. Blessed to coach young athletes for 12 years. Board member. Business advisor. Husband of 26+ years. Father of four. Still figuring it out.

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    Phillip Berry | Orient Yourself

  • Memento Mori and the Truths of Life
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post “What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate shortly before sentencing Jesus the Nazorean to death. Pilate’s rhetorical question was a cynical reflection on the nature of truth in a culture that made its own reality through argument or force. To Pilate and... Read more »
  • All That We’ve Lost
    Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of the loss of our son Kiefer’s friend, Emery Becker. The original post is shared below. There are some hurts that never depart. What a gift. What can happen in the span of five years? Five is such a small number. Brief in... Read more »
  • Stopping to Look Through the Windows to the Soul
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post. “Let me look into your eyes.” Cupping his face, Sally looked deeply into the sparkling depths of those little blue orbs staring back at her. Simultaneously cupping her face, Cooper returned her gaze and smiled. Connection. Reagan and Fulton followed, though... Read more »
  • Simple Man
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post. Oh, take your time, don’t live too fastTroubles will come and they will passYou’ll find a woman, yeah, and you’ll find loveAnd don’t forget son there is someone up above And be a simple kind of manOh, be something you... Read more »
  • Racing to the End
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post Yesterday was a glorious day in Indianapolis. Though still a bit cold, the sun shone brightly across clear skies and it seemed that the entire city found itself caught in the gravitational pull of a day calling us forth to our... Read more »
  • Broccoli, Sirens, and the Narrow Gate
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post A friend paid me a visit at my office last week. Now in her mid-80’s, she made the long drive into Indianapolis, navigating construction, arguing with Google, and working to avoid the often bizarrely unexpected from other drivers. As she unpacked... Read more »


Now, at mid-career or beyond, you may be asking: “Have I reached my peak? Have I already done my best work?” However, a more important question is: “How do I do my best work in what are now my peak years?” The great news is that you have exactly what you need to answer that question. The journey toward your best version continues and it’s happening right now. Stones Across the River is about finding the path on that journey to your best work.

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