Founder of Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Crosswind Pharmacy, Northwind Electronics, and Cross Stone Creative. Blogger on leadership, adversity, personal growth, and the journey. Blessed to coach young athletes for 12 years. Board member. Business advisor. Husband of 26+ years. Father of four. Still figuring it out.

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    Phillip Berry | Orient Yourself

  • Orient Yourself
    Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you. David Whyte, Sweet Darkness Stones Across the River In October 2016, I published my first book, Stones Across the River. The book is a curated and edited collection of my early blog posts centered... Read more »
  • The Twitch Upon the Threads of Justice, Forgiveness, and Self-Compassion
    We have a complex relationship with justice. As a nation organized under the rule of law, we see justice through the lens of those laws and the administration of justice as a reflection of enforcing them. If someone breaks a law, there are a wildly complex set of processes... Read more »
  • Glimpses of Heaven
    “Is this heaven?” asked John. Ray paused and answered, “It’s Iowa.” “Iowa?” responded John as he started to walk away. “I could have sworn it was heaven,” “Is there a heaven?” asked Ray.”Oh yeah,” responded John. “It’s the place where dreams come true.” Pausing and looking around, Ray said,... Read more »
  • Achievement, Fortune, and the Gift of Humility
    Stepping up to the free throw line, I set up my shot and knew the second I released the ball that it was an airball. Retrieving the ball quickly, I turned to shoot an easy layup off the backboard and found myself throwing the ball past the square above... Read more »
  • Capturing Lightning in a Bottle
    A stubbornly persistent problem in our modern era has centered on the dichotomy between our increasing standard of living: wealth, comfort, technology, culture, leisure, etc. and our decreasing quality of life as measured in overall health and well-being. Headline after headline seems to affirm the struggle as we battle... Read more »
  • The Givers, the Takers, and the Space Between
    The space betweenThe tears we cryIs the laughter that keeps us coming back for more Dave Matthews, The Space Between “Energy is your most precious resource.” So began a recent conversation with one of my leaders. To lead anything is to place yourself squarely in the perpetual tug of... Read more »


Now, at mid-career or beyond, you may be asking: “Have I reached my peak? Have I already done my best work?” However, a more important question is: “How do I do my best work in what are now my peak years?” The great news is that you have exactly what you need to answer that question. The journey toward your best version continues and it’s happening right now. Stones Across the River is about finding the path on that journey to your best work.

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