Founder of Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Crosswind Pharmacy, Northwind Electronics, and Cross Stone Creative. Blogger on leadership, adversity, personal growth, and the journey. Blessed to coach young athletes for 12 years. Board member. Business advisor. Husband of 26+ years. Father of four. Still figuring it out.

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    Phillip Berry | Orient Yourself

  • Fairy Tales, Secrets, and All Our Assumptions
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.W.H. Auden Sally and I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Vermont, where autumn has appeared in all it’s glory. Cooler temperatures, moody clouds, shorter days,... Read more »
  • The Old Nemesis
    The clouds march slowlyAcross the sky like an army of angelsWhite billowiness with gray severityMoving toward the unknownBeyond sight and sound Tethered earthward by the world’s humThat unknown refuses to buttress fragility,Withholding affirmation,Leaving resented vulnerabilityTo wear as a cloak against joy. The stillness passesOnward, outward, awayAlways awayA distant hammer, or... Read more »
  • Time and All Her Deceptions
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’Into the futureSteve Miller Band, Fly Like an Eagle Was it just a year ago that our bulldog died? Has the pandemic really only been going for 18 months? Am I really 52 years old? What... Read more »
  • Ambition, Envy, and the Infinite Game
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post. Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every foul practice. James 3:16 “I hear you’re a man of faith, do you mind if I say a prayer before we eat?” So began a recent breakfast meeting. I had... Read more »
  • On Being Faithful: 9/11 and Beyond
    For those of us alive on September 11, 2001, it has been a fast and eventful 20 years to today. In many ways, these 20 years have literally been a lifetime. So many wonderful tributes have been written and shared, celebrating the fallen, the heroic, the inspiring, the tragic, and... Read more »
  • Lead with Virtue
    Click the arrow above to listen to this post Why do we always complicate things? For ourselves. For others. For the world. True, it is a complex world. It is a world of possibilities. Choices. Directions. Decisions. Unknowns. However, our tendency is to fuel the complexity. We gyrate on decisions.... Read more »


Now, at mid-career or beyond, you may be asking: “Have I reached my peak? Have I already done my best work?” However, a more important question is: “How do I do my best work in what are now my peak years?” The great news is that you have exactly what you need to answer that question. The journey toward your best version continues and it’s happening right now. Stones Across the River is about finding the path on that journey to your best work.

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