Publishing with Cross Stone

Self-publishing? Been there, done that! The process was somewhat grueling and a bit awkward. Countless editors and book designers. Late nights spent trying to establish a marketing plan. Many [...]

Falling For Your Art

My art was basketball. I know what you’re thinking… Sports aren’t art. But that is where you are wrong. They’re a different kind of art. None-the-less they are art and athletes are the artists. [...]

Treat Yourself & Start the Day Off Right

Need some inspiration to apply throughout your day? A new review on Amazon has given us fresh perspective on the book, Stones Across the River.  Pick it up as part of your morning routine to get [...]

What Are You Waiting For?

Last night marked the first Cross Stone Creative Open House at our suite located at the Stutz Business Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. We were one of many Stutz tenants participating in the 24th [...]

What’s Your Art?

Art is the work of a human being – something a person does with generosity to touch someone else to make a change for the better.  —Seth Godin Thank you Seth, for reminding us that we are all [...]