Treat Yourself & Start the Day Off Right

Need some inspiration to apply throughout your day? A new review on Amazon has given us fresh perspective on the book, Stones Across the River.  Pick it up as part of your morning routine to get your day started the right way!

“The ideal leadership devotional

If you enjoy being convicted, challenged, and desire to find a better way to do just about anything, Stones Across the River is a book you will enjoy. Phil Berry does a great job at taking timeless leadership principles, and communicates them in a practical way that you can immediately apply to your life. His blog-style approach to writing makes this book an ideal, “leadership devotional.” Read it to start your day and allow it to act as a quick motivator to propel you through challenges. Whether you need a spark to help with your creativity, or simply want to be inspired to live a better life, give Stones Across the River a read.”

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