The Inspiring Power of a Coffee Shop

Allow me to set the mood. You walk in the local coffee shop, instantly overpowered with smells of pastries and espresso. You hear the low melodies of music and chatter. You feel at home. All of a sudden, you feel inspired. You find yourself smiling at strangers and nodding along to the music. You eaves drop on sincere conversations between friends. You watch as someone studies their bible, or does their homework. You observe the way people interact. The way they suddenly pull out a journal and put pen to paper. The words flow almost effortlessly.

How does this coffee shop bring to life the artists of the world? How does the atmosphere and espresso all combine to inspire beauty? If you feel these things when you enter a coffee shop, you are not alone. It is a somewhat magical experience for the unseen artist.

Next time you’re in a coffee shop, stop and admire the artwork of the barista’s. Then, look around and find the other quiet artists. Whether they’re journaling, drawing, working, or have their headphones in softly humming. They are in their happy place. They are feeling the flow of inspiration. Allow yourself to feel the same. Pull out a journal, read a book, and let the coffee shop sweep you off your feet.

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