Bringing Art to Market


Art is the process of sharing your gifts with the world, with the purpose of making a difference. Art is generous and sincere. Art brings people together and inspires them. Art moves others to be more, better. Art might be a painting, a book, a musical work, a sculpture, a piece of furniture, a craft, a skill, an idea, a service, a design, a building, a garden, or any other new and potentially generous effort.


Cross Stone Creative was founded for the unknown artist. The person, young or old, with something to share with the world. A dream to move another to a higher place, to a better version of herself. With ambition bent on making a difference by sharing his gifts with any who might let those gifts touch them deep inside. An artist who measures success by the opportunity to make more of their art.

Cross Stone Creative helps artists bring their art to market. Our model applies entrepreneurial wisdom to the unique demands of finding and serving your particular audience. Cross Stone works with the artist from concept to client, leveraging our organizational capabilities in strategy, design, editing, marketing, sales, distribution, service, and accounting.


Cross Stone Creative offers two financial models for the artist to leverage our capabilities.

  • Project Services. Cross Stone offers its services on a fee-for-service or project basis. In this scenario, we discuss the artist’s objectives and propose a project or series of services to help achieve those objectives. Artists are able to leverage Cross Stone’s internal capabilities and external distribution capabilities in a pay-as-you go fashion.
  • Partnership. In certain situations, the art and artist may qualify for a shared risk/reward model with Cross Stone Creative. In this scenario, Cross Stone invests in the development, marketing, and distribution of the artist’s work and takes a financial interest in its market success.

In both cases, artists have access to all of Cross Stone’s services as well as our online marketplace and distribution capabilities. The particular model will depend on each situation.

To learn more about our services, please call (317) 744-5140 or email us

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